Here is a graphic on how the weather affected the city of Bangalore over a 6 week period during the 2011 monsoon season. In most Indian cities, we have a very limited quantitative understanding of how rains, storms and various weather phenomena affect city life. This is a quick attempt to get a preliminary understanding of the relationship of between the quantity of daily rainfall in Bangalore and and the various impacts it has on the city – from traffic jams and fallen trees, to flooded houses and lost lives.

Weather impacts were obtained from newspaper articles and reports, and were overlaid on daily rainfall data to get a sense of what happens when. Not only do we need to understand what impact weather has on the physical infrastructure of a city or on the lives of its residents, but also about how everyone, including the city administration and media, respond to weather events.

If you wish to help us make something similar (or better!) for the year 2012 and its weather, contact us at know.your.climate (at) gmail (dot) com!