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A few of us at Know Your Climate are in the early stages of working on a pilot project to build an urban Automated Weather Station (AWS) and we are offering internships to interested undergraduate and graduate students.

Urban India needs a high density and high quality weather station network that is currently missing in India. As an early post on this blog shows, weather can vary significantly across a city like Bangalore, and perhaps even climate. The current weather infrastructure is unable to capture this complexity.

We invite applications from those would like to apply their programming and analytical skills on real-life challenges. Coding for AWS is a great way to practice your programming skills and, at the same time, help make the blue prints of a weather station for your community. This is a first of its kind project in India.

We are looking for people familiar with javascript and plotting toolkits like D3 and rickshaw 3D. You will create the web front end for real-time streaming and visualization of weather data.

What we expect of you:
* Become familiar with the aws project
* Learn about real-time streaming of data
* Learn git and how to work with github
* Learn D3 and rickshaw toolkit.
* Contribute to discussions and documents

What you should expect
* You will have fun!
* working on a real life problem
* your work will really have an impact
* You will have a clearly defined mentor for technical discussions

The internships are based in Bangalore, India and applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. Send an email to know (dot) your (dot) climate (at) gmail (dot) com with a résumé and a covering letter if you wish to work with us.

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  1. Hi fascinating article in Bangalore Mirror. I have 20 years of experience in Meteorology working for Indian Air Force. Retired in Jan 2005, worked for WIPRO for 5.5 years and now in Samsung Software R&D Center as Asst. Manager Facilities Management Group (employee transportation). Why don’t you use my experience in your endeavor. You can reach me on 9663677444

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