Know Your Climate is an initiative that seeks to promote better climate education in India. Global climate change will be one of human society’s biggest challenges over the next few decades, even as political discourse on it attains a fever pitch.

In India, climate change has started playing a larger role in public discourse, but public understanding of climate has not significantly improved over the past decades. While people have great experiential knowledge of their local climate and weather, there is large disconnect between that and modern scientific understanding of India’s climate, much to the loss of both.

Data and information on climate in India have never been fully public, but is slowly opening up. Know Your Climate seeks to promote better education on local climate through using data, currently with a focus on Bangalore.

Citizen Weather Network
Know Your Climate also seeks to set up India’s first citizen-run network of weather stations in the city of Bangalore. The aim is to cover the city with a dense grid of automated weather stations which provide high quality data real-time, open to all. As of February 2012, 7 weather stations are operational in Bangalore. The Citizen Weather Network is made possible thanks to a partnership with Yuktix Technologies, who have developed inexpensive urban weather stations that go on anyone’s rooftop. Read more about the Citizen Weather Network here and sign up here.

Visitors can also explore all of India’s historical climate data at a prototype portal on www.knowyourclimate.org.

Know Your Climate was founded in 2012 by Pavan Srinath, a public policy researcher based in Bangalore, along with several co-conspirators. Early work on Know Your Climate happened at the Environmental Governance Group at Public Affairs Centre.

Saurabh Chandra is a tech entrepreneur in Bangalore who joined the effort in 2013 to kick off the Citizen Weather Network.

Rajeev Jha is the founder of Yuktix Technologies, who are collaborating on the Citizen Weather Network project.

Adarsh DK and Yashas MS are engineering students at NITK-Surathkal who worked on developing the climate data visualisation and analysis portal.

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  1. I am writing this from Sahakaranagar which is nestled behind GKVK in North Bangalore. after years of observation, This area recieves less than 30% rain compared to other areas in bangalore. I am baffled.. can some one shed some light on this phenomena? This is consistent with pre monsoon, Monsoon showers. We dont even get 1/3 rd of the rain that falls in areas around malleswaram, sadashivnagar.

  2. Hi Vikram, the most honest answer anyone can give you is that we don’t know. We simply don’t collect enough data at a granular level around the city and we are the poorer for it.

    Know Your Climate is looking to change that, so do keep coming back here.

  3. Hi Pavan,

    Gayatri here from Janaagraha, Ichangemycity.com. On our website we feature Bengalureans doing their bit for the city, or those who take on unique projects. Would love to do a feature on Know Your Climate. May I have your email id or mobile number, please.

    Thank you,

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